Health and Fitness: The Yoga Example

Yoga as an art of exercise have been widely on the practice several years ago and this is targeted towards enhancing the mental, physical and the spiritual well being of people. In this write up, we shall articulate the meaning and benefits of yoga to the enhancement of personal health. It is understood that yoga as an exercise and practice can be applied in stabilizing the nervous system, blood pressure and enhance good health and energy within the body system.

Even though yoga as an art form is complex in meaning, its importance to human health cannot be over emphasized. One of the numerous benefits of yoga is its ability to control and cure obesity. According to research, the application of Ayuverdi Medicine enhances self healing of this disorder. Obesity by definition can be regarded as a medical condition in which excess fat and body weight index does not correspond with the height.

Another benefit of yoga lies in its ability to cure anxiety and panic. This situation is seen as a disorder and a mental instability caused by unforeseen and sudden horror attacks. It then creates a feeling that a negative situation is about to occur, sweating, becoming numb and shaking of the body.

Here is pleasant news for individuals who may want to put an end to cigarette smoking. Research on the spread of disease and its control maintains that the application of yoga can help you end smoking. A visit to Chiang mai yoga in Thailand for the purpose of getting the yoga treatment against any form of body disorder will certainly yield the desired result in body healing and health maintenance.

Looking at the spiritual aspect of yoga, let us use Hinduism as an example. It is a normal belief and practice in this religion that a soul is suppose to exist in several lives for it to get deliverance. During this process of existing in lives, it is supposed to conquer barriers and opposition. This belief is accepted by some people.

We can go on and on in itemizing the different health disorders that yoga can cure. Another challenge that can get a solution with yoga treatment application is; an abnormal blood sugar level, blood pressure and surplus body fat around the waist. This ailment can quickly lead to diabetes. Research indicates that affected people who regularly take part in yoga class will certainly escape this metabolic syndrome.

Yoga and Health Benefits

Health indeed is wealth. It is in place to say that people who often indulge in the practice of yoga always enjoy sound health. At times too, some people try it just once and they stopped the practice. Perhaps it could be that they don’t enjoy placing their bodies in an uncomfortable position, for the sake of bodily exercise. Well, here are reasons why people enjoy yoga a lot. A mind that is healthy is caused by a healthy body. Yoga provides the implements that enable you to have a clear thought and a clear mind. This happens when you adjust your body by going upside down.



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You will discover that your blood flow reverses and gets to the brain. Then, it exchanges the old blood with a new one. Like I said earlier, yoga is an art form and a practice. Whenever you indulge in it, you need to be psycho physically present. Forget about your activities and other interests and be mind present. When this is done, you will experience ease and a cleared mind and then you can now be able to mirror on the past in order to effectively plan for tomorrow.

Furthermore, yoga does not only enable you to mirror on the past, it assist in avoiding issues that might likely come later in future. You know at times, some folks would unconsciously want to do same things repeatedly with the view of getting different result.


That’s brain disorder but yoga seems to have the solution of enhancing or developing your ability to think very well. For those who avoid yoga because they find it difficult to adjust their body to a particular pose due to pain and discomfort, they are at liberty to change it their preferred position. You see, yoga is very important as it makes you fit and healthy all through. As you engage in it continuously, you will begin to notice positive changes in your joints and your overall health.

I mentioned in the introduction that yoga adjusts transforms negative habits. Those negative practices which entangle you and make you unable to stop it, yoga can provide an end to it. Like I said before, if practicing yoga, be mind present and forget your schedules and concentrate in the midst of silence and quietness.


This process will make you to begin to understand yourself, reflect on those good and bad things you do but you don’t like. Getting to this point will now enable you to take a decision. Another important benefit which yoga gives is that it gives the body strength. What I mean here is that as you indulge in the practice, you may discover that you’re shedding some weight and then, your muscles are being strengthened.

During this process too, you will get to discover your physical limitations, capabilities and your physical preferences. I will end by saying that being flexible in the body also allows you to be flexible in mind. Just give yoga a try and discover that you’ve recovered a lot of loses.